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A Tourist’s Guide to the Brighton Scene

The Brighton Scene is a rich mosaic of cultures, people, and history. From the days of Tudor and Georgian time, the region has been home to an eclectic blend of people and events that have shaped the history of the city today.

A Fun Trip to Brighton

The thriving and colorful music scene in Brighton is one of the first places you can visit. A trip there is sure to be fun. Brighton Music School is located on Hilton Street near the Brighton Pier. The school offers different styles of music. The museum is on the corner of Brighton Avenue and Brighton Water.

Brighton is also the birthplace of a film icon. Frank Capra, the director of the classic movies “It’s a Wonderful Life”Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” grew up in Brighton. The Frank Capra Museum is housed in a former bank building. It features vintage memorabilia from the time he was a child. 

World Famous Brighton Pavilion

The world-famous Brighton Pavilion is a jewel of the United Kingdom. The Brighton Pavilion is one of the most visited attractions in England. The Pavilion was built for the Commonwealth Games of 1970. Visitors can see it as a monument and enjoy the wonderful food and shopping experience at the Pavilion Food Court. You can also try your hand at ice skating in the popular Olympic Arena on the Pavilion Ice Rink. Another famous tourist attraction in Brighton is the famous Brighton seafront. The promenade is a lively place for shopping, dining, and even watching the sunset over the ocean. The scenic setting is very enchanting and will make you feel relaxed and content after a long day of sightseeing.

Brighton Travelers

The beautiful architecture of the City Hall of Brighton is a work of art. At sunset, the magnificent building glows from within and takes on a golden color. You will feel like you are at the heart of England.

Selim Rayhan

During the day, the City Hall remains dark while the sun rises and sets. This unique sculpture was inspired by the traditional fairs of Europe. The centerpiece of the Brighton Scene is the exclusive Harbourmaster Aquarium. 

Tamim Joyardar

It houses some amazing marine life. The adventure and educational center is located in Portsmouth Harbour. It showcases beautiful fish, exotic species and exotic crabs.

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